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Toshiba's New DLNA-Compatible REGZA LCD Series First to be Windows 7 Certified

Toshiba's new REGZA UX600 LED backlit LCD TV series is the first Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) certified models to be recognized by Microsoft as compatible with Windows 7.

Published: 04/27/2010 10:42:00 AM UTC by Christine Persaud

Just Posted: Hands-on Review of Toshiba's Regza 46UX600 HDTV

We have just posted the first full Canadian review of Toshiba's Regza 46UX600 TV. Not only does this 46-inch LED-backlit LCD television deliver a great picture, it has some leading-edge networking features for displaying content from PCs on your home network.

Published: 06/17/2010 06:14:54 PM UTC by Marketnews/Here's How Staff

Hands-on Review: Toshiba Regza 46UX600 DLNA-certified HDTV

Toshiba says its new Regza UX600 LED-backlit LCD TVs are "the first DLNA-certified televisions recognized by Microsoft as compatible with Windows 7." In English, that means that you should be able to able to use your TV remote to "pull" content from a Windows 7 PC, or use a Windows 7 PC to "push" content to the TV - and that it should all be easy.


Published: 06/17/2010 06:03:50 PM UTC by Gordon Brockhouse

Toshiba Shows 2010 Back-to-School Notebook Lineup

At a press event in Toronto on June 22, Toshiba of Canada Ltd. unveiled a broad line of notebook PCs for the back-to-school market, and also showed off a few intriguing models for business users and gamers.

Published: 06/23/2010 11:45:20 AM UTC by Gordon Brockhouse

Mega Gift Guide: Audio-Video Gift Ideas for Movie Fans and Music Lovers

We have loads of gift ideas for TV-watchers, movie fans and music lovers, ranging from 3D-capable plasma and LCD HDTVs, to a turntable that can transform your vinyl LPs into MP3 files.

Published: 11/29/2010 10:32:40 AM UTC by Gordon Brockhouse

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