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BLOG: Mobilicity Says Rogers Chatr Goes Against Competition Act

Does Rogers' upcoming chatr wireless carrier brand violate the ‘Abuse of Dominant Position" section of the Canadian Competition Act? According to Mobilicity, this is a distinct possibility.

Published: 07/13/2010 08:46:19 AM UTC by Christine Persaud

Ballmer Speaks at BlackBerry Conference on Microsoft Partnership With RIM

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, surprised guests at BlackBerry World Conference by taking the stage to announce a new partnership with rival smartphone maker Research in Motion (RIM).

Published: 05/04/2011 09:29:11 AM UTC by Christine Persaud

Sony Computer Entertainment Acquires Evolution Studios, Bigbig Studios

Sony Computer Entertainment is securing a dominant position in the gaming industry by acquiring video game developer Evolution Studios Ltd., and its subsidiary, Bigbig Studios Ltd.

Published: 09/24/2007 12:00:00 AM UTC by Christine Persaud

DRAMeXchange Hints at iPad Domination in Future Tablet Market

Many industry observers are predicting huge sales for tablets this Black Friday. For Apple's iPad, merely staying the course would represent huge sales. As other suppliers struggle to elbow in for a piece of the action, the question arises, how dominant a player can Apple be going forward?

Published: 11/25/2010 09:05:10 AM UTC by Robert Franner

LED Backlighting to Take Over by 2015

LEDs will become the dominant form of backlighting in TFT LCDs by 2011 with a projected 56% share, and will skyrocket to 78% by 2015, says research firm DisplaySearch.

Published: 11/18/2009 04:10:24 PM UTC by Christine Persaud

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