UPDATE: Panasonic Asserts It Is Not Halting Plasma Production

Christine Persaud

Published: 04/12/2013 04:55:10 PM EST in Video


UPDATE: Panasonic Asserts It Is Not Halting Plasma Production

Further to a report today from CNET Asia indicating that Panasonic will cease production of plasma displays, ending the technology R&D by about a year from now, Marketnews received a statement from the U.S. office asserting that this is not the case.

"Reports that Panasonic will no longer develop and manufacture plasma HDTVs are not correct," writes Henry Hauser, Vice President, Merchandising Group, Panasonic Consumer Marketing Company of North America. "This week in New York City, Panasonic demonstrated the latest development of our gapless plasma panel technology in our 2013 Smart VIERA ZT Series plasma HDTV. The technology incorporated into our ZT Series Studio Master Panel will be the basis for continued plasma display panel development and production.

"While the Smart VIERA ZT Series introduces a new level of plasma picture quality," he continued, "we believe there is still room for further improvement and intend to continue to research ways to take our plasma technology to even higher levels where it also has the potential to be applied in our other plasma series in the future.

"VIERA plasma HDTVs continue to set the standard for picture quality and black level excellence, and the ZT Series is another example of the continued ability of plasma to evolve and continue to deliver a best-in-class HDTV."

The company did not clarify if the plasmas it continues to manufacturer will be offered under the Panasonic brand, or made for another line. Nevertheless, the statement is a reassurance that Panasonic plasma displays will continue to be developed going forward.

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UPDATE: Panasonic Asserts It Is Not Halting Plasma Production

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